Ullivik Centre appealing Régie decision to give liquor permit to nearby bar
Photo by Peter McCabe for the Montreal Gazette

Photo by Peter McCabe for the Montreal Gazette

Maggie Putulik rolled her eyes and shook her head when she first learned that Achilles Vriniotis planned to open a bar near the Ullivik Centre, a Dorval lodging facility for Inuit receiving health care in Montreal.

“I knew immediately what his intention was,” said Putulik, the Ullivik Centre’s director.

“The owner of Archies Bar is obviously targeting our clients because there’s guaranteed profit to be made,” she said. “Our clients are here for medical reasons. They’re here to get better, they’re not here to get more sick.”

The Ullivik Centre will contest a decision by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux that gave an alcohol permit to Resto Bar Archies. The bar is in the basement of a hotel, 600 metres down the road from the Ullivik Centre.

At stake for the centre: the health and safety of the Inuit who stay there, Putulik said.

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Darya Marchenkova