Learning is an 'oasis' for kids at Montreal Children's Hospital
Photo by John Mahoney for the Montreal Gazette

Photo by John Mahoney for the Montreal Gazette

Sarah Adair walked into the hospital for her first day of work this school year and saw her former student, fresh from a checkup of his new heart.

The boy stayed in the Montreal Children’s Hospital for a year as he waited for a heart transplant. Adair was with him every day: “I was his Grade 2 teacher for the whole school year,” she said. Then this summer, he got a new heart.

“Seeing this student with his mom, walking freely with no cords or machines or hospital beds, just being a regular kid with that freedom” — Adair sighed as she told the story — “it’s what any teacher wishes for their student.”

Adair is one of five teachers who go bedside-to-bedside at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, leading lessons for children who come to the hospital for cancer treatments, dialysis and other regimens that call for a longer stay.

“We represent stability and something that’s predictable in their lives,” Adair said.

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Darya Marchenkova